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Futran Solutions Announces

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Service Partnership with AWS

Futran Solutions has joined AWS as a Service Partners
and will be focusing on its ‘Fit and Shift’ offering that is
designed to maximize the value from AWS by leveraging
native services.

Futran Solutions Announces

Consulting Partnership with
Duck Creek

Futran Solutions has joined Duck Creek Technologies as a
Consulting Partner. Duck Creek customers will be able to
leverage Futran’s expertise to build their in-house
competency in Duck Creek technologies and accelerate
their digital transformation by using Futran’s ‘Make IT EZ’

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Futran Solutions Partners

Futran Solutions has partnered with no-code platform, Unqork’s to
keep up with the growing demand for fast prototyping and
application product development.

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with Unqork

Futran Solutions joins

Futran Solutions has joined ACORD Solutions Group as a Licensed
Integrated Partner. Our team will leverage strengths in
Data-Analytics, Cloud Automation & New-Age
App Development to complement ASG capabilities and double
down on client benefits.

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ACORD Solutions Group