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Validation engineers execute critical aspects of healthcare like inspection, calibration and management of tests, contributing to the manufacturing of medical products. Professionals in validation services make sure of the accuracy and efficacy of systems toward the production of high-quality products. Validations services also encompass inspection of causes related to equipment failure and other anomalies, deciding whether repair or replacement is required.  

Variations in validation services 

The validation service is considered to be one of the most eclectic in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Validation engineers are present across research centers and labs and form part of a wide range of manufacturing hubs, including, but not exclusive to automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and computer software. While the role varies depending on the industry they are working for, some tasks are typical of all validation engineers. 

Besides monitoring and testing, validation engineers are also responsible for analyzing test results and drafting compliance reports. They also assume responsibility for directing validation activities and resolving test problems. Adjusting and improving processes naturally forms an extension of their services. At SG Healthcare, we work closely with a host of validation engineers with both cross-industry exposure as well as extensive experience in one industry.