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SG Healthcare Pharma has its own Regulatory Affairs (RA) office to offer administrative help for Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations in the life sciences field. The Life Sciences market is expected to become $4.2B by 2024. Adjacently, people around the world are becoming increasingly protective about rising global health concerns. 

Innovation and safety 

Pharma companies are in a mad rush to align their research and development with the present market scenario. But they also must, parallely ensure, that their products are made available across the globe with zero lags in safety and regulatory measures. Toward this end, pharma companies must work with transparent specifications as well as a well-rounded understanding of regulatory requirements in different countries.   

Regulatory requirements can be different at the global level. Every region, every product category and Health Authority might adhere to different requirements. At SG Healthcare, we work with qualified regulatory services professionals who work both permanently and on a contractual basis.