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Life Sciences

SG Healthcare and Pharmatech has a staffing division solely devoted to the life sciences. The life sciences staff augmentation team services healthcare, biotech, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies. Our life sciences team has been working with organizations in the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. In addition, we offer consulting services to professionals across the globe, providing value-added services to companies at different stages of their development cycle.  

Diverse Clientele

SG Healthcare works with a number of big multinational companies, biosimilar manufacturers, generic organizations as well as small and niche biotech organizations in addition to other companies linked to the pharma and biotech supply chain.

Our scope pans through clinical research organizations, R&D companies, manufacturing companies as well as marketing and medical communications agencies and regulatory consultancies.   

Irrespective of where you function in the biotech space, SG Healthcare can connect you to the best global talent and bring you right before the most sought after pharma and biotech jobs in 2020.