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As medication pipelines shrink and the quantity of medications that make it to the market reduces, it’s basic understanding to invest time and amounts of energy in the clinical tasks handlers. Medical professionals in smaller clinics can be easily overwhelmed doing paperwork while taking care of patients. Services in clinical tasks make their life easier by allowing them to focus on what they do best – address health issues of patients.  

No more paperwork and data entry

As routine as it may sound, healthcare involves tons of EHR data entry and paperwork. SG Healthcare has the best-in-class medical services, opening up your selection to the right resource for your requirement. You can choose to minimize absenteeism and better organize the front desh with the administrative assistant deadline with scheduling, phone calls, appointment reminders and transcriptions.  

For clinics spending hours seeing authorization approvals over the phone, the clinical tasks or administrative assistant could help with prioritization or prior authorizations. This is definitely one of the top priority tasks cases given that every one in three practices spend a sizable portion of their working hours on the phone seeking approvals.